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oh god


oh god

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Harry and Louis went to New York to get married. Louis wanted kids, but they knew they couldn’t, or else their heterosexual image would give way. So they adopted the most adorable Labradors instead.

Harry and Louis went to New York to get married. Louis wanted kids, but they knew they couldn’t, or else their heterosexual image would give way. So they adopted the most adorable Labradors instead.

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in which kurt and blaine are straight…or so they thought

It started out with a kiss. 

It had started at Rachel Berry’s Trainwreck House Party Extravaganza.

Just a stupid twist of fate in which Kurt and Blaine had been selected to kiss during Spin The Bottle. 

Everyone had laughed and cheered and edged them on and the two had rolled their eyes and gone for it.

The kiss…well, it was messy and sloppy because they were drunk, but that hadn’t stopped Blaine from clutching Kurt closer or Kurt from whimpering against Blaine’s lips. 

They’d tried to blow it off as nothing, just laughing along with the rest of their friends through the game. Then when everyone had started passing out, they’d ended up in the guest bedroom, kissing furiously and rutting against each other until they both came.

Later, they blamed it on the alcohol.

How did it end up like this?

But they kept staring.

Whenever they thought the other one wasn’t watching, they’d surreptitiously stare at the other.

Maybe because for Kurt, it had been the best kiss of his life.

Maybe because for Blaine, it had been the hardest he ever came.

Kurt tried to forget. He invited Brittany over later that week for a make out session, but it did…nothing for him. It wasn’t until he imagined broad shoulders, dark hair, and strong hands that he even felt the slightest spark of attraction.

Blaine heard about Kurt and Brittany’s weekend shenanigans when he was talking to Santana by his locker. He spent the whole afternoon at the gym with his favorite punching bag.

It was only a kiss.

Kurt had been talking with Mercedes when Rachel had butted into their conversation, squealing at Mercedes that she finally thought she was “ready”. She outlined an incredibly elaborate plan to “tie the knot” with Blaine that night.

“You’re eloping?” Kurt deadpanned.

“No, Kurt,” she rolled her eyes. “But Blaine and I have gone on dates before and had many steamy make out sessions on my couch, not to mention that he can match my talent vocally and is the perfect gentleman.” She sighed dreamily against her locker. “He knows my talent and my ambition. I want to secure him by my side. I’m going to go all the way with Blaine tonight.”

It had only taken five minutes for Kurt to track down Blaine and drag him into an empty classroom, telling him of Rachel’s plot.

“Really?” Blaine’s eyes widened. “Oh. Wow.”

“That’s all you have to say?” Kurt said, exasperated.

“Well, it’s very flattering,” Blaine shrugged.

“What…” Kurt licked his lips. “What are you going to do?”

“Well, it would be rude to decline her offer.”

“But you don’t like Rachel!”

“I do like Rachel,” Blaine said sharply. “Very much.”

“But not like that,” Kurt said desperately. 

“Kurt, what are you saying?”

“I don’t want you to sleep with her!”

Blaine stared at him. “Why?”

“You know why.”

“No, I don’t. I don’t know why you get to make demands about me and Rachel while I have to sit idly by and ignore you and Brittany!”

Kurt spluttered. “It’s just…kissing. That’s completely different!”

“Well I don’t like it!”

“You don’t have to!”

“Well then you don’t have to like me and Rachel!”



It was only a kiss.

Kurt sat on the edge of the stage. It was late. Mr. Schuester had given him permission to  used the auditorium for practice, but in reality he was just here because he didn’t want to go home to Finn’s grumbling over Rachel (even though he was dating Quinn).

Then again Kurt wasn’t much better himself.

Rachel had everything. She had the supportive fathers. Kurt’s dad had always been distant with him, even when he’d made an effort to bring home as many girls as Finn and tried to watch a couple of football games. Rachel got all the solos. Especially all the ones that Kurt wanted, since they were usually sung by girls.

And now she had Blaine.

The one thing he probably wanted more than a good relationship with his father or all the solos in glee club.

“Hey you.”

He turned his head sharply. 

Blaine was walking out of the shadows, across the stage to him.

Kurt turned away, wiping his eyes, before hopping up. “What are you doing here?”

Blaine stopped in front of Kurt. “I couldn’t do it. With Rachel, I…she started kissing me after dinner and I realized that the only place I want to be his here.” He reached his hand up and placed it over Kurt’s heart. “With you.”

“Blaine,” Kurt whispered. “We’re not supposed to—I mean, I just don’t understand…it doesn’t make any sense—”

“It doesn’t have to…” Blaine said desperately, staring down at Kurt’s lips. He leaned in and their lips met, Blaine’s arms wrapping around Kurt’s waist and Kurt’s arms folding around Blaine’s shoulders. They kissed desperately, as they both came to realizations.

Kurt realized that Blaine took his breath away.

Blaine realized that he’d been looking for Kurt forever.

It started out with a kiss.

How did it end up like this?

It was only a kiss.

It was only a kiss.


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John and Dean need to start a club

the My Not-Boyfriend Thinks He’s Heterosexual Club

My Not-Boyfriend Thinks He’s Heterosexual Club

Merlin can join them.

I love the look of disgust on John’s face. He’s like “Are you serious right now?”

Merlin can join them.

#jesus christ it’s like all the fandoms came together and agreed everyone is gay and thats final 

um yeah we’re slash shippers that’s what we do

Merlin can join them.

Merlin: We’re two sides of the same coin! I don’t get why Arthur just… what a dollop-head. Sorry, I’ll just drop the subject. You’d think the King of Camelot would be less oblivious… More wine, John? I hear it’s tough with you after the whole Irene debacle.

John: …If anyone still cares, I’m not gay.

Merlin: Of course you’re not. (indulgent beaming)

John: You don’t believe me, do y- fine. But it is ridiculous how he carries on. Yes, more wine would be lovely, thank you.

Draco: (muttering to himself) Stupid Potter. My father will hear about this.

My Not-Boyfriend Thinks He’s Heterosexual Club

this is essentially perfection

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